Dormant Discovery

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NeutralDormant Discovery
Start  [Magically Bound Message]
End Thaelin Darkanvil[47.2, 90.2]
Level 60-70
Category The Waking Shores
Experience 1,150
Rewards  [Depleted Violet Vapors]
2g 57s 40c
Next N [60-70] This Old Stone

Dormant Discovery is the first quest in a chain to unlock a pair of Ancient Waygates at the Rubyscale Outpost. The  [Magically Bound Message] will appear in your inventory when you reach Renown level 7 with the Dragonscale Expedition.


Deliver the message to Thaelin Darkanvil at the Rubyscale Outpost in The Waking Shores.


<Nevermind how this curious parchment ended up in your bags. What's important are the contents of the message.>

Members of the Dragonscale Expedition:

Your assistance is required! Report to the Rubyscale Outpost at once!

<Before the signature can be read, the magical lettering inscribed on the note dissipates into a cloud of white and blue-tinted dust, leaving behind an empty page and a deliciously flowery scent in the air.>


You will receive:

  • 2g 57s 40c
  • 1,150 XP


Message? What message?

What do ye mean it vanished mysteriously?

Well, no matter. We've got much to discuss.


  1. N [60-70] Dormant Discovery
  2. N [60-70] This Old Stone
  3. N [60-70] Nightborne Know-How
  4. N [60-70] Curiosity is Key
  5. N [60-70] Power Procurement
  6. N [60-70] A Gateway to Somewhere
  7. N [60-70] An Ancient Awakening

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