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A backdrop is a set of background and border textures created with BackdropTemplate {Backdrop.xml at Townlong-YakSharedXML/Backdrop.xml at GitHub} or BackdropTemplateMixin.


Adding a new backdrop
  1. Create a Frame that inherits BackdropTemplate.
  2. Prepare a backdropInfo table, or choose an existing one from FrameXML/Backdrop.lua.
  3. Apply the table in Lua using SetBackdrop(backdropInfo); or in XML using <KeyValue> tags.
Changing the backdrop
  • Change the vertex colors by calling SetBackdropColor(r, g, b [, a]) and SetBackdropBorderColor(r, g, b [, a]).
  • Change the other properties by calling SetBackdrop() with a new table (silently fails if its the same table, despite any changes).
  • Remove a backdrop by calling SetBackdrop() without args
  • Instead of SetBackdrop(backdropInfo), save the table as frame.backdropInfo and call ApplyBackdrop().
  • Instead of SetBackdrop(nil), call ClearBackdrop()
  • Instead of creating a new Frame, mixin BackdropTemplateMixin or create custom textures.

Table structure

Key Type Description
bgFile string Texture path to use for the background.
edgeFile string Texture path to use for the edges.
tile boolean True to tile the background, false to stretch it.
tileSize number Width and height of each tile.
edgeSize number Border thickness and corner size.
insets table How far from the edges the background is drawn.
Key Type Description
left number Distance inside the left edge.
right number Distance inside the right edge.
top number Distance inside the top edge.
bottom number Distance inside the bottom edge.


When applied to any Frame, BackdropTemplateMixin adds the following API:

ApplyBackdrop() - Applies the backdrop currently saved as frame.backdropInfo. {BackdropTemplateMixin:ApplyBackdrop at Townlong-Yak}
ClearBackdrop() - Hides the current background and border textures. {BackdropTemplateMixin:ClearBackdrop at Townlong-Yak}
SetBackdrop(backdropInfo) - Saves the table to frame.backdropInfo and calls ApplyBackdrop(), or calls ClearBackdrop() if the argument is nil. {BackdropTemplateMixin:SetBackdrop at Townlong-Yak}
GetBackdrop() : table - Returns a copy of frame.backdropInfo. {BackdropTemplateMixin:GetBackdrop at Townlong-Yak}
GetBackdropColor() : r, g, b, a - Returns the background vertex color. {BackdropTemplateMixin:GetBackdropColor at Townlong-Yak}
GetBackdropBorderColor() : r, g, b, a - Returns the border color. {BackdropTemplateMixin:GetBackdropBorderColor at Townlong-Yak}
SetBackdropColor(r, g, b [, a]) - Returns the background vertex color. {BackdropTemplateMixin:GetBackdropColor at Townlong-Yak}
SetBackdropBorderColor(: r, g, b [, a]) - Returns the border color. {BackdropTemplateMixin:GetBackdropBorderColor at Townlong-Yak}

The following methods also exist, but should not need to be called as they are registered via BackdropTemplate:

OnBackdropLoaded() - OnLoad handler to apply a background if it was set in XML using <KeyValues> tags.
OnBackdropSizeChanged() - OnSizeChanged handler to update the textures.


Creating a Frame in Lua and calling SetBackdrop()

local backdropInfo =
	bgFile = "Interface\\Tooltips\\UI-Tooltip-Background",
 	edgeFile = "Interface\\Tooltips\\UI-Tooltip-Border",
 	tile = true,
 	tileEdge = true,
 	tileSize = 8,
 	edgeSize = 8,
 	insets = { left = 1, right = 1, top = 1, bottom = 1 },

local frame = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, nil, "BackdropTemplate")

Creating a Frame in Lua and calling ApplyBackdrop()

local frame = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, nil, "BackdropTemplate")
frame.backdropInfo = BACKDROP_TOOLTIP_8_8_1111  -- from FrameXML/Backdrop.lua

Creating a Frame in XML with KeyValue tags

 <Frame inherits="BackdropTemplate">
 		<KeyValue key="backdropInfo" value="BACKDROP_TOOLTIP_8_8_1111" type="global" />

Patch changes

Mixin Templates

These templates can be mixed with BackdropTemplate to save some grunt work.