Archibald Greymane

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Not to be confused with Archibald Arlison, Archibald Kava, or Archibald.
NeutralArchibald Greymane
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Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Greymane clan, Kingdom of Gilneas
Occupation King of Gilneas
Status Deceased[1]
Relative(s) Genn (son), Mia (daughter-in-law), Tess and Liam (grandchildren)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Archibald Greymane was the king of Gilneas and the father of Genn Greymane. Under his rule, and with the help of Lord Ashbury the 1st, Gilneas prospered and entered into its industrial age, thriving and evolving into a formidable middle-power capable of rivaling even Kul Tiras or Stromgarde. He always told his son Prince Genn to trust in the Ashburys' fidelity to the crown because of the accomplishments of Lord Ashbury. His views on asking for help were that it was for the weak,[2] and passed this onto Genn, who became very stubborn as a king and refused any sort of aid until the invasion of Gilneas, where he began to finally move past this view after the fall of his kingdom to the Forsaken and the death of his son Liam.

When the Scourge ravaged Lordaeron, Genn stated to Liam that the Greymane Wall would protect Gilneas and that he would not risk the lives of any Gilneans against the undead, just as Archibald father wouldn't have. Liam accused Genn of always trying to emulate his grandfather and that there were other ways to consider, but Genn replied that it was a prince's duty to strive to be like his father.[2]


  • "Never take a man's hand, Son. Tis always better to stand tall on your own. It is what separates the great from the meek."
  • "Princes grow into kings, and days fade into nights. This is the way of things..."
  • "If you want sauced apples, boy, you can have them. Such is also the way of kings and their progeny."



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He is believed to be buried at Aderic's Repose along with his grandson.


Preceded by:
King of Gilneas
Succeeded by:
Genn Greymane