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A whole-number achievementID enumerates every achievement. It is the first field in the payload of an AchievementLink.

Achievements added to the game in later expansions typically have a larger value. For example:  [Northrend Dungeonmaster],  [Cataclysm Dungeon Hero] and  [Pandaria Dungeon Hero] have ids 1288, 4844 and 6925.

As a payload

The following events provide achievementID in their payload:

As an argument

The following functions accept achievementID as an argument:


local frame = CreateFrame("Frame");
frame:HookScript("OnEvent", function(event, arg1)
	if (event == "ACHIEVEMENT_EARNED") then
		print("Hurray!  You earned " .. select(2, GetAchievementInfo(arg1)));

Possible result: "Hurray! You earned Outland Dungeonmaster"

External links

Popular datamining websites also use the achievementID in the url to identify each achievement in the game.

For example,  [Outland Dungeonmaster] has id 1284 and may be accessed using these links: