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Gets the link string for a trade skill item.

link = GetTradeSkillItemLink(skillId)


number - The Id specifying which trade skill's link to get. Trade Skill window must be open for this to work. Indexes start at 1 which is the general category of the tradeskill, if you have selected a sub-group of trade skills then 1 will be the name of that sub-group.

Example: Trade Blacksmithing: (window is open, all catagories shown)

Index Name
1 Daggers
2 Heatseeker
3 One-handed Swords
4 Frostguard

Trade Blacksmithing: (window is open, only trade items are shown)

Index Name
1 Trade Items
2 Elemental Sharpening Stone
3 Thorium Shield Spike


string - An item link string (color coded with href) which can be included in chat messages to represent the item which the trade skill creates.