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Unarmed can mean several things in World of Warcraft:

  1. Fighting with no weapon.
  2. The state of having no weapon equipped. The character uses fists as a weapon when no weapon is equipped.
  3. A combat skill improved by melee fighting without a weapon or with a fist weapon.

Unarmed combat is the weakest of all combat types. Why bother with it? Some enemies have the ability to disarm you and for a few seconds you'll be fighting unarmed. If you haven't built up your unarmed skill you'll be flailing at air. Also, your unarmed skill affects your attacks using fist weapons. To reduce the duration of being disarmed, you can get a weapon chain put on your weapons.

Certain quest-related weapons do 0 damage, and give you Unarmed skill ups when using them, for example,  [Torch of Retribution].