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Instantiation AnimatableObject:CreateAnimationGroup()


AnimationGroup:CreateAnimation([animationType, name, templateName]) : anim - Returns an animation as a child of this group.
AnimationGroup:Finish() - Notifies the animationgroup to stop playing once the current loop cycle is done.
AnimationGroup:GetAnimationSpeedMultiplier() : animationSpeedMultiplier
AnimationGroup:GetAnimations() : scriptObject, ...
AnimationGroup:GetDuration() : durationSec - Returns the total duration across all child animations that the group will take to complete one loop cycle.
AnimationGroup:GetElapsed() : elapsedSec
AnimationGroup:GetLoopState() : loopState - Returns the current loop state of the group.
AnimationGroup:GetLooping() : loopType) - Returns the type of looping for the group.
AnimationGroup:GetProgress() : progress - Returns the progress of this animation.
AnimationGroup:IsDone() : isDone - Returns true if the group has finished playing.
AnimationGroup:IsPaused() : isPaused - Returns true if the group is paused.
AnimationGroup:IsPendingFinish() : isPendingFinish
AnimationGroup:IsPlaying() : isPlaying - Returns true if the group is playing.
AnimationGroup:IsReverse() : isReverse
AnimationGroup:IsSetToFinalAlpha() : isSetToFinalAlpha
AnimationGroup:Pause() - Pauses the animations in this group.
AnimationGroup:Play([reverse, offset]) - Starts playing the animations in this group.
AnimationGroup:Restart([reverse, offset])
AnimationGroup:SetLooping(loopType) - Sets the type of looping for the group.
AnimationGroup:Stop() - Stops all animations in this group.
ScriptObject:GetScript(scriptTypeName [, bindingType]) : script - Returns the widget script handler.
ScriptObject:HasScript(scriptName) : hasScript - Returns true if the region supports the given script type.
ScriptObject:HookScript(scriptTypeName, script [, bindingType]) - Securely post-hooks a widget script handler.
ScriptObject:SetScript(scriptTypeName [, script]) - Sets the widget script handler.
Object:ClearParentKey() - Clears the parent key.
Object:GetDebugName([preferParentKey]) : debugName - Returns the object's debug name.
Object:GetParent() : parent - Returns the parent object.
Object:GetParentKey() : parentKey - Returns the key on the parent that references this object.
Object:SetParentKey(parentKey [, clearOtherKeys]) - Sets a key on the parent to the child object.
FrameScriptObject:GetName() : name - Returns the object's global name.
FrameScriptObject:GetObjectType() : objectType - Returns the object's widget type.
FrameScriptObject:IsForbidden() : isForbidden - Returns true if insecure interaction with the object is forbidden.
FrameScriptObject:IsObjectType(objectType) : isType - Returns true if the object belongs to a given widget type or its subtypes.
FrameScriptObject:SetForbidden() #protected - Sets the object to be forbidden from an insecure execution path.

Script Types

OnFinished(self, requested) - Invoked when the animation group finishes animating.
OnLoop(self, loopState) - Invoked when the animation group's loop state changes.
OnPause(self) - Invoked when the animation group is paused.
OnPlay(self) - Invoked when the animation group begins to play.
OnStop(self, requested) - Invoked when the animation group is stopped.
OnUpdate(self, elapsed) - Invoked on every frame.
OnLoad(self) - Invoked when the object is created.