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GitHub Octocat.png  Dragonflight-Icon-Inline.png  BTNTemp.png  Wowprogramming.png ScriptRegion:Hide
GitHub Octocat.png  Dragonflight-Icon-Inline.png  BTNTemp.png ScriptRegion:SetShown
GitHub Octocat.png  Dragonflight-Icon-Inline.png  BTNTemp.png  Wowprogramming.png ScriptRegion:IsShown
GitHub Octocat.png  Dragonflight-Icon-Inline.png  BTNTemp.png  Wowprogramming.png ScriptRegion:IsVisible
GitHub Octocat.png  Dragonflight-Icon-Inline.png  BTNTemp.png OnShow
GitHub Octocat.png  Dragonflight-Icon-Inline.png  BTNTemp.png OnHide


The OnHide event is called when a shown frame is about to be hidden or when a hidden frame is about to become visible on screen. Hiding / Showing a frame that is already hidden / visible does not invoke the OnHide event.


no known arguments


Have a look at Handling UI Events for an explanation of event handling and some code examples.

Note that "OnHide" also fires whenever any parent frame is hidden, since a parent-frame becoming invisible also makes its entire child-hierarchy invisible, including your frame.