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I think the unknown return value is the number of items of this currency gained this week, as it returns

Valor Points 280 pvecurrency-valor 280 98000 0 true

to me. I have a total of 280 Valor Points and got all of them this week. In addition, it is the same as shown in the Blizzard currency tab. In addition there is another new return value since 4.2.0 (?), which is appearently a boolean. According to \FrameXML\LFDFrame.lua the unknown return value is named currencyEarnedThisWeek, so it seems that my assumption is right. The new boolean value is named currencyIsDiscovered and seems to be a value, which shows, if the character has ever gotten some of this currency and whether it is shown in the currency tab. --Laroa (talk) 00:30, 20 July 2011 (UTC)