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Quest enders are in-game NPCs who may receive quest items, be part of a quest objective, or give quest rewards for completing quests. This list includes items and fixed devices that end quests. Most quest enders are the original quest giver, but not all.

Identifying quest enders

Main article: Quest → Identifying quest givers

A quest ender who ends a quest you are ready to complete will have a golden question mark (Activequest) above their head and will appear on the minimap as a golden question mark. A quest ender who ends an uncompleted quest will have a silver question mark (Incompletequest) above their head and will not appear on the minimap.

As of Patch 2.3, the pointer will also change when one moves it over a quest ender:

Pointer questdone on 32x32.png interact with quest ender     Pointer questdone off 32x32.png quest ender out of range