On the Move

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HordeOn the Move
Start Bladeguard Kaja
End Jorak
Level 30-60
Category Vol'dun
Experience 8,250 (at level 110)
Reputation +10 Voldunai
Rewards 9g 70s (at level 110)
Previous H [30-60] Grozztok the Blackheart and H [30-60] Stolen Satchels
Next H [30-60] The Perfect Offering


Travel with Meerah's Caravan in search of Warguard Rakera.

  • Speak to Meerah
  • Ride Meerah's Caravan


Jorak's wounds have healed enough for him to travel.

He has agreed to guide us to de temple.

De sooner we leave, de better. Rakera won't survive in dis desert for long.


You will receive:


Dis temple is not quite what I expected it to be.


On accept:

Bladeguard Kaja says: Let's keep moving. Rakera won't survive dis desert for long.

Talk to Meerah to resume the voyage:

Dolly and Dot are strong and dependable. They'll get us where we need to go.
Gossip We're ready to leave.

The caravan sets off southwest again, this time with Kaja, Meerah, and Jorak in the front seat and the player in the back seat.

Jorak says: We should head south. De temple is somewhere within those hills.

After leaving the Withering Gulch, the caravan turns east up the more mountainous road rather than continuing straight south through the Valley of Sorrows.

Meerah says: Hold on if you can. It's about to get real bumpy!
Jorak says: Dis cannot be de only road we can take...
Meerah says: Oh, it's not. But you don't want to travel through the canyon. It's filled with nightmares.
Jorak says: Those only exist in de mind, not de dunes.
Meerah says: I promise, they're very real. And very dangerous. Not even the sethrak step foot in the canyon.
Meerah starts singing.
Meerah says: Dolly and Dot are my best friends. They pull my wagon through dunes of sand! They have small teeth and they love to eat...
Jorak says: What is dat screeching coming from your mouth?
Meerah says: Dot and Dolly like it when I sing. It's soothing.
Jorak says: Well, it makes me want to go back to my old ways.
Meerah says: Fine then. (resumes singing) Dolly and Dot are my best friends. They pull my wagon through dunes of sand!

The caravan eventually approaches the Temple of Akunda.

Jorak says: Dis must be de place. I can see a structure ahead.

The wagon heads up to the main terrace of the temple, and the passengers disembark.


  1. H [30-60] On the Move
  2. H [30-60] The Perfect Offering
  3. H [30-60] Powerful Conductors & H [30-60] Sacred Remains & H [30-60] Vile Infestation
  4. H [30-60] Cleanse the Mind & H [30-60] It Springs Eternal
  5. H [30-60] Trial of Truth
  6. H [30-60] Akunda Awaits
  7. H [30-60] Valley of Sorrows
  8. H [30-60] Memory Breach & H [30-60] Shattered and Broken
  9. H [30-60] Repairing the Past
  10. H [30-60] Ending the Madness
  11. H [30-60] Akunda's Blessing
  12. H [30-60] Clearing the Fog

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