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Role UI & Macros MVP

Iriel was a UI and Macros Forum MVP and contributor to the World of Warcraft UI & Macros Forum; including one of three non-employee contributors credited with developing SecureGroupHeaderTemplate[1]

Iriel posted as a level 85 female night elf hunter from Silver Hand US. Although he evidently continued playing the game (being level 120 in 2019), Iriel does not have any recent activity on the modern WoW forums under this toon.

Early API changes

See also: API change summaries/Historical

Early API changes were communicated on the official World of Warcraft forums. Blizzard employee Blizzard Entertainment slouken interacted with addon developers such as Iriel who consolidated many changes into summary posts on the forums. Although the original forums have been taken down, blue post tracking websites like BlueTracker archived substantial parts of these threads. Some of Iriel's posts were also transcribed to early forms of the wiki.

Major Patch Warcraft Wiki Transcriptions Blue Tracker Archives
Patch 1.12.0
Patch 1.11.0
Patch 1.10.0
Patch 1.9.0
Patch 1.8.0
Patch 1.7.0
Patch 1.6.0
Patch 1.5.0
Patch 1.4.0
Patch 1.3.0

See also

  • On Warcraft Wiki, he previously contributed until 2009 as Flickering.


  1. ^ FrameXML/SecureGroupHeaders.lua, archived at Townlong-Yak - see the first line for attribution to Esamynn, Cide, Iriel.