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Role Lead Software Engineer

Sam Lantinga, also known as slouken (all lowercase), is a former Blizzard Lead Software Engineer. He created the World of Warcraft UI addon system, and has also worked on spells, AI, and gameplay systems such as phasing and battlegrounds. He frequently posted help and updates regarding the World of Warcraft UI, and was very much involved with the community.

On January 4th, 2011, Sam Lantinga announced that he had recently left Blizzard Entertainment to work exclusively on his business, Galaxy Gameworks, and the SDL.[1]


  • Prior to joining Blizzard, slouken was the lead programmer for Loki Entertainment Software.
  • He is also the primary developer of SDL, a cross-platform game development library.

API change summaries

See also: API change summaries/Historical

Early API changes were communicated on the official World of Warcraft forums. Sam Lantinga interacted with addon developers such as Community MVP Iriel who consolidated many changes into summary posts on the forums. Although the original forums have been taken down, blue post tracking websites like BlueTracker archived substantial parts of these threads. Some of Iriel's posts were also transcribed to early forms of the wiki.

Major Patch Warcraft Wiki Transcriptions Blue Tracker Archives
Patch 1.12.0
Patch 1.11.0
Patch 1.10.0
Patch 1.9.0
Patch 1.8.0
Patch 1.7.0
Patch 1.6.0
Patch 1.5.0
Patch 1.4.0
Patch 1.3.0


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