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Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Blackrock clan (presumed)[1]
Occupation Blacksmith (presumed)
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Telkar, Orgrim (descendants)

Gelnar was an orc who lived on Draenor during the rise of the Gorian Empire and was responsible for the creation of the legendary weapon known as the Doomhammer. Faced with the problem of preventing the orcs from being enslaved by the ogres, he wandered alone in contemplation for many days. One day, a storm forced him to take shelter in a Gorgrond steam cavern, where Gelnar then began to experience fever-induced visions. Giving both his body and spirits to the elements,[1] he submerged himself in a pool of lava and was miraculously unharmed.[2]

According to legend, Gelnar first forged the head of the Doomhammer in a pool of elemental lava, coaxing it forth from the heart of Draenor itself, before crafting the handle out of oak wood.[2][3]

During one battle, Gelnar and his clan faced an army of ogre invaders. The orc raised his hammer into the sky, and it spoke through fire and lightning. Thunder rolled through the blackened clouds above, shaking the very ground beneath the orcs' feet, and Draenor boomed with all its fury. The rain anointed the clan with the elements' blessing, and Gelnar and his clan rushed towards the enemy with a war cry on their lips.[2]

Both the weapon and the name were then passed from father to eldest son for generations.[2][3]


  • Gul'dan asked the Blackrock orcs how their ancestors crafted the Doomhammer, implying that Gelnar was from the Blackrock clan.[1]