Ancestral Hammer

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Ancestral Hammer

The Ancestral Hammer is an uncommon world drop item; it can be dropped by mobs in The Burning Crusade zones. It can also be found inside  [Khorium Lockbox].

Random enchantments

Suffix Stat bonus
of Intellect +15 Intellect
of Spirit +15 Versatility
of Stamina +23 Stamina
of the Eagle +15 Stamina, +10 Intellect
of the Owl +10 Intellect, +10 Versatility
of the Whale +15 Stamina, +10 Versatility
of the Elder +12 Stamina, +8 Intellect, +8 Versatility


This item can be disenchanted with Enchanting (275).

Material name Quantity Drop chance
 [Arcane Dust] 2–5 Medium
 [Greater Planar Essence] 1–2 Very high
 [Large Prismatic Shard] 1 Low


This item's appearance uses...

Texture: Mace_1H_Flanged_B_01_V01.blp
Model: Mace_1H_Flanged_B_01.m2

This appearance is shared with  [Leaden Mace],  [Energetic Rod],  [Tranquility Mace], and  [Lordly Scepter].

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