API SetLayoutMode

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Transfers the UI renderer into the selected layout mode



Number newState (optional)
Set this to 0 to disable 'layout mode'; any other number will enable it.
Passing nil defaults this argument to 1, thus enabling 'layout mode'




When 'layout mode' is enabled, you can globally bypass the processing of mouse clicks while holding down the Ctrl or Alt key. This means that WoW will not generate any corresponding events either. By default, WoW does not use the 'layout mode'.
It is unclear of what use this function is. As of v1.12, there is still some special code being executed where clicks would normally be processed, but it is unknown whether it is broken or does have any effect on the game at all. It might have served for generating Drag&Drop events in WoW Alpha, so the Blizzard UI developers could easily design and test their FrameXML layout in-game.