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Sets the console key (normally ~).



string - The character to bind to opening the console overlay, or nil to disable the console binding.


  • The console is only accessible when WoW is started with the "-console" parameter. This function does nothing if the parameter wasn't used.
  • The console key is not saved by the WoW client, and will revert to the default ` (backtick) key when WoW is restarted.
  • Unlike the SetBinding function, you can only provide the values of keys that represent standard ASCII characters; no modifiers are allowed. For instance, SetConsoleKey("CTRL-F") won't work, but SetConsoleKey("F") will. In addition, non-alphabetic keys that require modifiers to access, such as "!" using ⇧ Shift+1, cannot be used.
  • The console key overrides all other key bindings in WoW, regardless of context. This means that if you set it to F, you'll be unable to type the F character in chat until you restart WoW.