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Returns the total number of slots in the bag specified by the index.

numberOfSlots = GetContainerNumSlots(bagID)


number - the slot containing the bag, e.g. 0 for backpack, etc.


number - the number of slots in the specified bag, or 0 if there is no bag in the given slot.


  • In 2.0.3, the Key Ring(-2) always returns 32. The size of the bag displayed is determined by the amount of space used in the keyring.
  • As of 3.0.3, immediately after a PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event (initial login or zone change through an instance, ie. any time you see a loading screen), several events of BAG_UPDATE are fired, one for each bag slot you have purchased. All bag data is available during the PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event, but this function returns 0 for bags that have not had the BAG_UPDATE function called. This is most likely due to the UI resetting its internal cache sometime between the PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event and the first BAG_UPDATE event.