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Returns a link of the object located in the specified slot of a specified bag.

itemLink = GetContainerItemLink(bagID, slotIndex)


number - Bag index (bagID). Valid indices are integers -2 through 11. 0 is the backpack.
number - Slot index within the specified bag, ascending from 1. Slot 1 is typically the leftmost topmost slot.


string - a chat link for the object in the specified bag slot; nil if there is no such object. This is typically, but not always an ItemLink.


The following macro prints the ItemLink of the item located in bag 0, slot 1.

/run link=GetContainerItemLink(0,1); printable=gsub(link, "\124", "\124\124"); print("Here's the item link for the first slot of your backpack: \"" .. printable .. "\"")


  • Since Patch 5.0.4, certain companion pets may be put in a cage and traded. The cage is not an item, but nevertheless occupies bag slots. For such caged companions, the returned link describes a battle pet ("|Hbattlet:...") rather than an item ("|Hitem:...").