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Returns all transmog sets

sets = C_TransmogSets.GetAllSets()


Field Type Description
setID number TransmogSetID
name string
baseSetID number?
description string? Set Variant e.g. "Raid Finder", "Mythic", "Gladiator"
label string?
expansionID number
patchID number Patch TOC Version, e.g. 80200
uiOrder number
classMask number Class bitmask: 1=Warrior, 2=Paladin, 4=Hunter, 8=Rogue, ...
hiddenUntilCollected boolean
requiredFaction string? "Alliance" or "Horde"
collected boolean
favorite boolean
limitedTimeSet boolean
Bit field Class
0x1 Warrior
0x2 Paladin
0x4 Hunter
0x8 Rogue
0x10 Priest
0x20 Death Knight
0x40 Shaman
0x80 Mage
0x100 Warlock
0x200 Monk
0x400 Druid
0x800 Demon Hunter
0x1000 Dracthyr

Patch changes

Legion Patch 7.2.0 (2017-03-28): Added.