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The official, in-game World of Warcraft API Documentation takes the form of an /api command that dumps API Hyperlinks which, when clicked, dump even further information about a system and its functions, events and tables.


  • /api system list - Prints a list of systems
  • /api _____ list - Lists functions, events and tables associated with ______
  • /api _____ search _____ - Lists functions, events and tables associated with ______ matching the search paramter _____
  • Clicking on the coloured hyperlink of a system, function, event or table provides additional information


API Hyperlinks are formatted in-game as api : type : name : [parentName], such as:

  • "|cffff55dd|Hapi:system:MapUI:|hMapUI|h|r"
  • "|cff55ddff|Hapi:function:GetMapInfo:MapUI|hC_Map.GetMapInfo()|h|r"
  • "|cff77ff22|Hapi:event:ZoneChanged:MapUI|hEvent.MapUI.ZoneChanged|h|r"
  • "|cff55ffdd|Hapi:table:UiMapDetails:MapUI|hUiMapDetails|h|r"


/api item search get

Found 14 API that matches "Get"
Found 13 functions
  function C_Item.GetCurrentItemLevel(itemLocation)
  12 more rows
Found 1 events(s)     [sic.]
  function Event.Item.GetItemInfoReceived -> itemID, success

Clicking on C_Item.GetCurrentItemLevel produces:

function C_Item.GetCurrentItemLevel(itemLocation)
  Part of the Item system 
    1. table itemLocation
    1. (optional) number currentItemLevel

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