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What is described in the "Description" paragraph, is logically wrong.
Let's assume it is right.
If the raid group was full, than player A at index X left the raid, then player B joined the raid, he/she would be placed at the X index of the raid, to maintain all the other indices, according to the assumption.
Then, if player C left the raid who was at index Y, and player A rejoined the raid, the only available index would be Y, while the assumption says it should join it at index X, which is already taken by player B. --Dekstra 09:11, 20 April 2006 (EDT)

Why do you intepret the description as saying that player A would rejoin at index X? As I read it, players joining gets an available index. Only players already in the raid retains their position in the index order. --Zootsko 17:48, 30 April 2006 (EDT)

Request: More Detailed GetRaidRosterInfo information

Does the index in this function correlate to either: A: index x ALWAYS = Player in GroupNumber*5 + SlotNumber - 5


  index 1  = position 1  = Player in Group 1, Slot 1
  index 2  = position 2  = Player in Group 1, Slot 2
  index 25 = position 25 = Player in Group 5, Slot 5
  index 36 = position 36 = Player in Group 8, Slot 1
  index 40 = position 40 = Player in Group 8, Slot 5


B: index x = Player in or next Player* closest to GroupNumber*5 + SlotNumber - 5

  • where next Player is the closest player in a higher position, who doesn't correspond to a previous (1..x-1) index.

Since I tend to confuse people, see the example below for clarification, hopefully.

Example: If I have raid consisting of only 2 Players:

  -Player1, "Jack", is in Position 1, that is, "Jack" is in Group 1, Slot 1 
  -Player2, "Jill", is in Position 40, that is, "Jill" is in Group 8, Slot 5

What will GetRaidRosterInfo(2) return?

What will GetRaidRosterinfo(40) return?

EDIT** --After implimenting this in a UI addon, I found out that GetRaidRosterInfo(2) (in this scenario) would not have any data, and GetRaidRosterInfo(40) would pull Jill's info. So the index isn't based on the maximum amount of players in the raid, but the position [(group#-1)*5+player#] of the players in the raid.

The Returned Zone...

Is the zone returned from GetRaidRosterInfo(player_index) the same zone as GetRealZoneText()?

Yes. I updated the page to reflect that. --Allara (talk) 01:18, July 27, 2010 (UTC)