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Azq'roth is an alternate universe of Azeroth, visited during the Time Rifts. Azq'roth is in a time when the Black Empire never fell. Azeroth is a dead planet, fed upon by the Old Gods for millennia with no titans, dragons, or champions to stop them.[1]

The Fury of N'zoth encounter takes place in the N'Zoth map of Ny'alotha, the Waking City. After the encounter, a  [Chipped Stone Tablet] stands out, detailing the efforts of one sacrifice attempting to save another.


The Old Gods and their servants managed to defeat the Pantheon of Order ages ago.[2]

The n'raqi and aqir rule over mortals they refer to as "tributes", sacrificing them daily to their gods, but something of their old ways still persist, as one day a family member of the daily tribute pleaded to be sacrificed instead, in order to save their close ones. This led to a taskmaster of the Black Empire pondering if the tributes were sentients and if they should try training one as an experiment.[3]

Despite its utter victory, the Black Empire is not at peace, and its warriors still fight against something, perhaps its own citizens.[4]

It seems a portal to Draenor was also opened at some point, as the mad ogre mage Cho'gall crossed to here.



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